The Relation between Islam and the West -- Shamsuzzoha Manik (Republished)

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….Islam serves the purpose of keeping the western domination over us best…..We will have to build our own path to fight independently against both Islam and the western domination....


(Imran Firasat sent his reflection to the editor of the website “Bangarashtra” Shamsuzzoha Manik on Islam and the prevailing attitude of the western societies towards Islam that was shocking to him. It is, in fact, an artcle titled “Who is the real enemy of the western world?” In reply Shamsuzzoha Manik sent him a letter which has been published below under the title “The Relation between Islam and the West” along with the letter sent by Imran Firasat titled “Who is the real enemy of the western world?”)



The Relation between Islam and the West -- Shamsuzzoha Manik


Dear Imran Firasat,


Thanks for your reflection on Islam and the attitude of the western societies towards Islam, titled “Who is the real enemy of the western world?” which has been published also in as an article.


You have correctly identified Islam as an evil and violent ideology and at the same time you have expressed your frustration also as regards the attitude of the western societies towards Islam. You have tried to convince the western people that Islam is their real enemy. So is the heading: Who is the real enemy of the western world?


In reply I have something to say which may be of some interest to you. I would like to write it also in the form of an article, titled: The Relation between Islam and the West.


Many a person may be surprised to see the lenient and even at times patronizing attitude of the western world towards Islam and may get frustrated even. But if we realize the relation between Islam and the domination of the western societies over the Islamic societies, we will easily realize the reason of the tolerant or patronizing attitude of the western world towards Islam. Yes, the domination of the West over the Islamic world is being guaranteed and perpetuated by the domination of Islam over this vast part of the world. It is not true that the West does not understand the true nature of Islam. The contrary is true. Knowing well fully the true nature of Islam the western world is interested to preserve Islam in the Islamic world for its own interest. And in this context it has no concern for human rights, democracy, etc. Look at the relation of the West with Saudi Arabia, which is nothing but a savage state almost in a primitive form. So, being the people of the third world why should we be frustrated at the attitude of the western world towards Islam?                    


Whatever may be the nature and behavior of the western system towards the people within its own boundary, outside it is greatly different. The West is imperialism for the societies like ours. This imperialism may not exist in its original or old form, but yet it is imperialism for us. It should better be called neo-colonialism or neo-imperialism, which at times of need may go back to its old form that it has done very recently in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, etc. The existence of imperialism needs the continuous supply of natural resources, cheap labour power and especially brain or intellect from the dominated world i.e., the ex-colonies. Today the intellectual resource has become the greatest resource for civilization. The ex-colonies have become a great source of supply of intellect through brain drain in various forms to the West. The brain drain of the third world is greatly helping the West to run the machine of its own civilization. In this context, we should not forget about the decadence of the existing western civilization. Those vigorous days of the western civilization have become a matter of past. Now in its old days westerners are mostly busy to enjoy their life. Naturally, the hard manual and intellectual activities are being left to be carried in increasing number by the migrants of the third world countries.  


In order to make the point clearer I should emphasize the fact that below the surface of an Islamic society vast majority of the people remain extremely reactionary, backward and barbaric, which makes extremely difficult for the society to progress without continuous external intervention. This situation helps the dominating western world powers perpetuate their domination over the Islamic societies. On the other hand, the small number of people of the Islamic world who can develop their mental faculties or intellectual capabilities despite living in such an extremely hostile social environment are in large number forced or allured to migrate to the West.


We will have to take another point into consideration that after occupying the Islamic countries the western powers superimposed here an alien political and economic system over the traditional Islamic social base. Thus they built up a new elite class, which became  dependent on their western masters as well as remained closely linked to the grass-roots level people, violently loyal to the orthodox Islam. These new elites acted as the intermediary forces between the western non-Muslim rulers and the vast majority Muslim subjects. When the western powers were forced to leave the Muslim countries, they handed over power to these new elites who would be forced to depend upon the West for their somewhat cultural affinity with the West as well as for their own survival and affluence. At the same time this class would be forced to depend largely on their own Muslim people as they constitute the social base upon which they stand. Since these new rulers are Muslims by birth, they can easily handle the Muslim population by using their religious sentiment. Now these new rulers of the Islamic countries serve the economic and political interest of the West in their respective countries. By preserving or using Islam in various ways if they can serve the interests of their own as well as of the western powers, why should not they do it? They do not want to be equal with their western masters. They are pleased to remain subservient to the West, because that gives them the taste of a comfortable life. Why should they take the trouble and risk of making great social revolution for changing the fate of their own people?  


Thus Islam is working as a great instrument to serve the purpose of the western domination. So, why should the West oppose Islam?


The western world may dislike fundamental Islam because of its violently aggressive nature against the West or the non-Muslims. But they do not want that Islam should be overthrown from the Islamic societies, because that will destroy a very powerful instrument for perpetuating the western domination.  


To me the fight against Islam and the fight against the western imperialism headed by the USA are interlinked. I do not think that as the people belonging to the third world, in general, and the Islamic world, in particular, we should have any illusion about the West. In order to protect their world domination they need to maintain status quo in our societies. The West has no reason to liberate us from a barbaric and savage cult called Islam. The liberation should be our own task. We will have to make our people aware of the evils of Islam and build up our own fight against Islam by mobilizing our own people.  


Again I am telling that as the people of the third world or the ex-colonies of the West we should have no illusion about the West. We know what the democratic British imperialists did to us. After occupying Bengal in 1757 they killed ten million people during 1769-70 by creating a great famine in Bengal. Thus one third of the total population of Bengal perished. This is not my calculation. It is the calculation made by the then British Governor General Warren Hastings. In 1943 they killed nearly four million people by forcing another famine upon Bengal. If these are not the genocides, then what may be called genocide? Even during the barbaric Islamic imperialist domination Bengal was a fabulously wealthy country. Besides its enormous amount of food production of different varieties Bengal was famous for her cottage industries. She had worldwide fame for her “muslin” (A delicately woven cotton fabric, now despite being extinct as a result of British rule is remembered for its superfine quality.) industry. But the British rule turned this industrially developed country into a completely agrarian country just within two or three decades. I am not going to the facts about what happened to the fate of other peoples including the indigenous Red-Indians of the Americas by the civilized and democratic West Europeans.


There is another point which we will have to take into consideration while we judge the western mind. We will have to understand that modern European civilization and culture developed through a long process of fight against Church and Feudalism. In Europe church and state were two separate entities. But once church became supreme and it controlled the state. The fight for secularism in Europe was to free the state from the control of church. Thus the fight was to make religion a matter of personal faith where the state would have nothing to do. And one more thing we must not forget that Christianity is not a violent religion like Islam. Despite this fact Europe had to pay much to enhance its struggle for secularism. Many people suffered to carry the struggle against the domination of religion. In this struggle the forces of secularism have won in Europe. Side by side, the fight against feudalism also won. These incidents led to the rise of modern democratic states.


But Islam is a different thing. It is a violent religion where church and state are the same. And traditionally any land owning and socio-political system like feudalism is absent and unknown here. So, the nature and method of the fight for establishing secularism, democracy and modernization should be completely different here.


Europe has already developed a system of its own through a long struggle against Christianity and feudalism. The fight against feudalism was resolved long ago. However, even after winning victory the fight against Christianity is continuing till today in various forms, because religion is a faith system which controls human behavior and society deeply and at times it becomes a great obstacle for social development. Once Europe had to fight Islam also and had to wage many crusades for two centuries. But these were its external fight against Islam and were primarily aimed to protect or liberate its own boundary. For example, Crusades were directed to liberate Jerusalem, the holiest city of the Christians, occupied by the Muslims.


In respect of religion and social and political system, Europe had to fight internally against Christianity, basically a non-violent religion, and feudalism, a decentralized land owning and political system. So, Europe had to develop its own moral values and legal systems which may be ineffective to fight an extremely violent and intolerant, absolutely centralized and despotic religion and social system developed or imposed by Islam. Particularly the West Europe may be able to fight external Islam i.e., attack by Islamic forces from outside. But when a large number of the population will become Muslims either through migration or through conversion, it will give the West the shivers. Then the West will learn how more dangerous and worse than Fascism or Nazism is Islam. But that is a different and irrelevant point here. Still, internally Islam is a minor factor for Europe.  


In the above discussion I have tried to clarify two basic points. Firstly, at least in respect of domination, the western interest and our interest are conflicting with each other. In this respect, Islam serves the purpose of keeping the western domination over us best. Secondly, for the western world Islam is an external problem. But for us it is our internal problem. We have to face it in our everyday life. So, the western world will not understand our problem like us. So, in our fight against Islam how can we expect any meaningful support or guidance from the West?              


I think that the West has no reason to help us liberate ourselves from the fetters of Islam. Sometimes they may dislike the extremities of Islam that go against them and may take some measures also to contain such extremities. But that does have no relation with the need of our own liberation from this savage religion and social system. We will have to build our own path to fight independently against both Islam and the western domination. Both are Imperialists to us. Yes, we the people of the East need to build developed, secular and democratic societies of our own. We will learn from the West also in order to do so. But the path is ours. And we will decide what to do and how to do.


Thanks again,

Shamsuzzoha Manik



( &

10 July, 2012




Who is the real enemy of the western world? -- Imran Firasat

Dear editor,

It’s been 7 years that I try to help the Muslims by making them realize the fact of false prophecy claims of Muhammad and violent ideology of a religion which was never truly existed. But the journey of those 7 years was full of obstacles and fire surrounding me. Let me have the opportunity to share my views with you on my long war against Islam.

Before I used to think that the enemy of the western world are those who follow the violent scripture (Quran) falsely created by Muhammad, but by the time I came to knew that the real enemy of the western and peaceful world are not those blind faith Muslims but indeed are those people who proudly call themselves westerners, but behind the scene help and favour to the Muslims by ignoring the truth.

The enemies of our civilest society are not the Muslims. The enemies are the Non-Muslims who tolerate and even support the Islam instead of fighting it, who prevent to the people like us from fighting against the lie of Islam. These enemies are everywhere in the Western world, in the governments, in the jurisdiction, in the police organization and especially in the mass media. These enemies care for their diplomatic and economic relations with the Muslims states more than the future and safety of our future generations.

We Non-Muslims who have understood the truth and try to fight the evil ideology of Islam are often beaten by political correctness, called Nazis racists and Anti Islamists, encounter repressions at the work place and social life, ostracized by families and friends, being watched regularly by national secret services and treated like criminals.

Why? Just because we fight against something which is not true and dangerous for the future of our modern society? Is it so serious offence to help the billion of people to come out of a fake and extremely nonsense faith? Is it a crime to stop a religion which orders to kill, hate and discriminate in the name of god? Is it a crime against humanity if we fight for our rights of liberty of expression and saving our western values?

No, these all facts are not crime, but still we are being treated worst than the Islamic jihadists are being treated. Instead of getting praised for our fight against injustice, we face a daily depression. Instead of putting our lives on the risk by opposing the Islam, we never get respected as we deserve. Instead of the fact that we are trying to change the world towards a better direction, we always get created the obstacles by our own non Muslim people who call themselves western and modern but under the table shake their hands with those Muslims leaders who follow Muhammad and work for fulfilling his cunning desires.

At last as the conclusion I would like to say that all my fellow bloggers and activists who do a  great job of exposing a false prophet and helping the world to understand the truth, are extra ordinary brave people who would be remembered in the future as historical heroes. I give my full support to them and give them my word that no matter what happens I will never give up until this world becomes free of Islam (Hopefully in my life). And I want all of you to take the same oath and promise me to create an unbreakable unity between us which can never be broken by the diplomatic or political oppression. We are a family which will fight together against the devil of Islam. Thank you very much.


Your sincerely

A proud Anti Islam Activist

Imran Firasat (Spain)



July 1, 2012




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